Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that can cause a huge number of different symptoms that often vary from person to person.  We talk often about the “common” ones like fatigue, pain, temperature intolerance, cognitive impairment, spasticity, speech issues, numbness, and depression.

Wetness and other weird sensations

I’m gonna start off with one that I experience often and felt crazy when I spoke to my doctor about it.  It’s a feeling of wetness in my limbs.  For me, it often happens with my legs (but this happens to other parts of the body too), I will suddenly feel like my legs are soaking wet.  Like I just stepped out of a pool.  It is such a realistic feeling that I will instinctively reach down to check on them.  My hand feels dryness, my legs feel wet.  It’s an extremely weird symptom.  My eyes and my hands are telling me that my legs are dry, but my legs are telling me they are wet.  I’ve since learned that many people with Multiple Sclerosis  get this or a similar feeling.  Along with wetness, I’ll often get other weird symptom, like vibrations in my leg.  It literally feels like a cell phone is vibrating in my pocket, even though my phone is on the table.

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