Ulcerative Colitis Treatment Guidelines

Ulcerative Colitis Treatment Guidelines it likely conjures up images of a sweet old granny baking cookies or knitting despite her arthritis. The thing is, chronic disease — “a long-lasting condition that can be controlled but not cured” — isn’t limited to just the elderly.Superstar Selena Gomez, who recently spoke up about her lupus diagnosis and undergoing chemotherapy treatment, is just one example of the millions of people who live with chronic conditions. These include things like arthritis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, inflammatory bowel Crohn’s Diseases and more.

THEIR DISEASE IS NOT IMAGINED:If someone tells you they have a chronic disease, you might think something along the lines of, “Oh, but they don’t look like they’re sick.” That’s why Crohn’s Diseases are often referred to as invisible. Don’t call your friend a hypochondriac or, worse, imply that they’re imagining or making up their symptoms for attention. Their illness is a very real thing.

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