Finally Get These Very Simple Treatment For Fibromyalgia Pain Relief:

Treatment For Fibromyalgia Pain Relief is a complex condition with a whole range of symptoms, the most overriding of which is chronic pain. It can also cause extreme tiredness, headaches, cognitive disturbance, and sensitivities to noise, light and weather. As people may have a different combination of symptoms it’s hard to have a ‘one treatment For Fibromyalgia fits all’ approach.”Fibromyalgia is classified as neuropathic pain affecting the nerves,” says Dr Chris Jenner, leading pain consultant at the London Pain Clinic that also has a specialist Fibro Clinic.

Fibromyalgia Pain Relief Combination approach: Treating fibromyalgia is best done through a combination approach.”There are drugs that provide some help but exercise and coping techniques are also important,” says Dr Kim Lawson, who’s chair of the medical advisory board to Fibromyalgia Action UK (FMAUK).”When patients consider medication, exercise and education together they will usually get a better outcome,” adds Dr Lawson, who’s also a senior lecturer in pharmacology at Sheffield Hallam University.

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  1. joanne hutchinson on

    i want to try this i am really sick of takeing tablets morfein for cronic pain if there is a chance it could help im all in x

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