Asperger Kennedy LeRoy, a 16-year-old young man with Asperger syndrome, tragically took his own life last Friday, after years of being bullied at school, according to a two-page note he left behind. Kennedy’s parents say his goal in life was to help others.”Maybe my death will make people realize that words can hurt as much as, if not more than, physical blows,” the note said.His family is hoping his story and note will help educate students and prevent other suicides as a result.

Asperger If you know someone who may be the victim of bullying, Autism Speaks has resources available to help prevent and respond to these incidents so that families like Kennedy’s never have to experience such tragedy.

Autism Speaks worked with the National Center for Learning Disabilities, PACER’s National Bullying Center and Ability Path in partnership with the documentary film “Bully” to raise awareness about how bullying affects children with special needs. Learn more about our bullying resources through our Combating Bullying web portal which includes a Special Needs Anti-Bullying Toolkit full of resources and information specifically tailored to parents, educators and students dealing with bullying.You can also find a post on 7 Steps to Take a Stand Against Bullying here.

Aspergers Symptoms During the Teen Years—
Asperger Most symptoms persist through the teenage years. And although teenagers with Aspergers can begin to learn those social skills they lack, communication often remains difficult. They will probably continue to have difficulty “reading” others’ behavior.
Asperger Your teenager with Aspergers (like other teenagers) will want friends, but may feel shy or intimidated when approaching other teenagers. He may feel “different” from others. Although most teenagers place emphasis on being and looking “cool,” teenagers with Aspergers may find it frustrating and emotionally draining to try to fit in. They may be immature for their age and be naive and too trusting, which can lead to teasing and bullying. All of these difficulties can cause teenagers with Aspergers to become withdrawn and socially isolated and to have depression or anxiety.
Asperger But some teenagers with Aspergers are able to make and keep a few close friends through the school years. Some of the classic Aspergers traits may also work to the benefit of your teenager. Teenagers with Aspergers are typically uninterested in following social norms, fads, or conventional thinking, allowing creative thinking and the pursuit of original interests and goals. Their preference for rules and honesty may lead them to excel in the classroom and as citizens.

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