Top 8 Autism Therapy – Reported by Parents


Top 8 Autism Therapy – Reported by Parents 

Every parent of a child with Autism Therapy asks themselves, “Am I doing enough to help my child?”  They look to doctors, specialists, and (particularly) other parents with kids just like theirs for ideas and for validation that they are on the right course.  With more therapies out there than there are hours in the week and dollars in the bank account / second mortgage to pursue them, parents are forced to prioritize.  So what are the “best” therapies out there?  Which ones work best for other kids just like yours?  We asked the world’s foremost experts – parents of kids with autism – that very question.   To be specific, we asked the parents on – a social network for more than 28,000 parents of individuals with autism – the following question: “What therapies, if any, worked best for your child”?

Autism Therapy About one-third of the parents on MyAutismTeam have answered this question and more do every day as it is part of the sign-up process.   What’s beautiful about this question is that it is highly personal.  It doesn’t ask, “What are the best therapies for autism?”  Instead, it asks the parent to list the therapies that work best for their child.   What “works best” for one child on the spectrum may not work at all for another child or, in the case of occupational or speech therapy, need to be significantly tailored to the developmental needs of each child.  Still, there is power in seeing how thousands of parents answer this question.  We counted up all the therapies mentioned.  Most parents answer this question by listing one or two therapies.

Here are the Autism Therapy parents reported as working best for their children, rank-ordered by percent of mentions and including only those therapies that received at least 1% of mentions:

1. Occupational Therapy – 39%

2. Speech Therapy – 27%

3. ABA Therapy – 15%

4. Social Skills Classes – 8%

Hippotherapy, or equine-assisted occupational therapy, can be therapeutic for many children with sensory processing disorders

5. Hippotherapy (OT through horseback riding) – 2%

6. GFCF Diet – 2%

7. Psychiatrist/Psychologist sessions – 2%

8. (5-way tie, each with 1%): Floor Time, RDI, PECs, Swimming, PRT

Other therapies / keywords listed that got less than 1% of mentions

  • Mainstream schooling – 0.1%
  • iPad – 0.1%
  • Vision therapy, aqua therapy 
  • Vitamin supplements, Chelation, Hyperbaric Chambers – (all combined these last three terms received less than one-tenth of one percent of mentions)

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