It can be difficult to find accurate information regarding your risk of miscarriage at 6 weeks’ gestation.There are data all over the Internet and most of the time, you find statistics Six Weeks Pregnant Risk Of Miscarriage gestation is about 10 percent.  This can be misleading as some women have few risk factors for having a miscarriage, while others have several risk factors for having a miscarriage. The problems with finding such vague statistics are that the risk of miscarriage you find on the internet don’t usually give you the sources of their information so you don’t know if the information is reliable or not and most sites don’t break down your risk of having a miscarriage by other risk factors besides the gestational age of the pregnancy.

Things like maternal age and the use of illicit drugs also play into your chances of having a miscarriage.  These things must be taken into account in order to have an accurate determination of your risk of having a miscarriage.Most of the statistics you’ll find on the internet are based on data culled from 2 small studies of miscarriage rates and gestational age.  One of the studies looked at more than 200 women and tracked their rate of miscarriage from the time of conception to the first six weeks and didn’t look at the risks after that time.

Six Weeks Pregnant Risk Of Miscarriage : The other study looked at almost 700 women who were pregnant and had a fetal heartbeat found by ultrasound.  The presence of a fetal heartbeat decreases the chances of having a miscarriage so the statistics on this study do not reflect the actual miscarriage rates at six weeks’ gestation.The risk of miscarriage varies depending on more than just the week of pregnancy you are in.  Other factors that change the chances of having a miscarriage include the following

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