New Research Sheds Light On Mysterious Fibromyalgia Pain Relief and mysterious pains. For decades, doctors told patients their agony was imaginary, the result of emotional hysteria, not a physical ailment.Neuroscientist Frank Rice and a team based at Albany Medical College also discovered that there are excessive nerve fibers lining the blood vessels of the skin of fibromyalgia patients — removing any doubt that the condition is physically real.

New Research Sheds Light On Mysterious Fibromyalgia Pain Relief

These fibers in the skin can sense blood flow and control the dilation and constriction of vessels to regulate body temperature, Rice says, as well as direct nutrients to muscles during exercise.Fibromyalgia Pain Relief Women have more of these fibers than men, he says, perhaps explaining why they are much more likely to get fibromyalgia.

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  1. Elle Tergina on

    Read your article on fibromyalgia pain relief……most of the article was informative about the new theory of a cause. The cause being fibers in the nerve endings of blood vessels. Have read this on other sites. The term “Fibromyalgia Pain Relief” was used throughout the article as the subject of the content but the text was regarding the cause and nothing on the relief. It appears that you have an error in editing or this is just another scam on those of us who live with this condition daily.

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