Five Myths and facts about fibromyalgia That People Still Believe


Lets take a look at five of the most common Myths and facts about fibromyalgia: #1 – It’s All In Your Head: Perhaps the biggest misconception among those who don’t suffer from fibromyalgia is that the condition is all in the head of the sufferer – meaning that they believe the symptoms are imagined. They may think that a simple change in attitude and injection of positive thinking can eliminate the problem.While they’re wrong that the symptoms are merely a figment of the imagination, there is some truth to fibromyalgia being “all in your head” – though it’s not what you might think.

#2 – Pain is the only symptom: Another Myths and facts about fibromyalgia is that pain is the only symptom. Though the widespread pain is perhaps the most common – and debilitating – symptom, it is only one of many. Other symptoms of fibromyalgia can include:Unfortunately, these symptoms can play off of each other and further aggravate the problem. For example, the constant pain and fatigue associated with fibromyalgia often cause increased stress on the sufferer. 

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