Migraine Treatment: When a migraine sets in, it’s like the whole world shatters. The pain from migraine headaches can be utterly debilitating. Nausea, muscle pain, and the inability to sleep can make everything worse. Luckily, that’s what cannabis is for! (Well, one of the many things cannabis is for). When you’re really in pain, here are 7 strains you need if you suffer migraine Treatment.

1. White Widow: This strain is popular in Europe and hails from Amsterdam. But, it’s effective pain-fighting qualities and a host of medical uses has made it a popular choice among North Americans as well. White Widow is a thoughtful hybrid. This strain has uplifting and euphoric effects, but still creates powerful, full-bodied sensations of relaxation.Break out this flower when you really need some potent medicine. Not only will White Widow help you think a little more clearly, but it’s 40% indica heritage will quickly ease away muscle tension caused by migraine pain.

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