Menopause Facts: Can You Get Pregnant After Menopause


6. I can still get pregnant?

It’s possible! You aren’t safe until you reach that 12-months-without-a-period mark.

7. Being on the Pill delays menopause?

It doesn’t postpone it, but you may not realize it’s happening. You’ll continue to bleed monthly as long as you’re on the Pill, and taking it helps to control Menopause Hot Flashes and other signs of menopause.

8. Is it really perimenopause?

Even if you’re at the right age, don’t automatically assume your symptoms are hormone-related. Many signs of perimenopause—from erratic periods to Menopause Hot Flashes and mood swings—can be due to a thyroid imbalance. Fatigue or having trouble sleeping is another signal of thyroid problems, or it could be due to sleep apnea or stress. Heavy bleeding and irregular periods could also be a sign of fibroids or cervical or uterine cancer. Skipping periods may even mean you’re pregnant! Whenever you notice something different happening with your body, see your doctor for a checkup and blood work to rule out these and other conditions. source

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