Finally Lung Cancer Vaccine CimaVax Brings Hope To Patients


Lung Cancer Vaccine

Lung Cancer Vaccine Naturally, the medical world and the science world are very excited about a new Lung Cancer Vaccine called CimaVax. After all, new technology and new drugs Lung Cancer Vaccine are the payoff of their hard work.But the people who have been directly affected by cancer through diagnoses and through loss are excited in a different kind of way.For Buffalo native Andrew Ray, the upcoming clinical trial gives him hope.It was too late when doctors figured out what was wrong with his relatively young sister.”She was coughing, she was sick, but you never think it’s going to be lung cancer, and unfortunately, that’s what it was,” Ray said.

Ray’s sister Stacy was just 38 years old when she died from Lung Cancer Vaccine .Losing Stacy inspired Ray to try and keep up with treatment advancements, so the news of CimaVax Lung Cancer Vaccine was thrilling.“I hate the fact every day that I lost her,” he said. “But you think, if you could save somebody else, it makes a difference and it make you feel better about it.

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