Why High Functioning Autism In Children So Challenging:

Autism in children At this point in history, we don’t have good information to tell us whether MOST people on the autism spectrum are “somewhere in the middle,” but it is clear that the lion’s share of media attention goes to folks and the low ends of the spectrum — that is, the profoundly disabled and the very high functioning.If the media is to believed, the high end of the autism spectrum is peopled largely by eccentric geniuses — Bill Gates.

Autism In Children:

They may also have significant challenges which stand in the way of living a comfortable life, succeeding in work or romance, or achieving a sense of self-worth.  Those issues are made more challenging, in part, because they surprise.In addition, while people with more severe autism are not generally expected to just suck it up and get through difficult moments, people on the higher end of the spectrum are expected to do just that.  Lastly, people with high functioning this disorder are, in general, very aware of their own difficulties.

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