Avacen medicinal says its Avacen 100 Class-II medical Fibromyalgia Pain Relief treatment product has established a medical device license from Health Canada to treat Fibromyalgia Pain Relief. The San Diego-based biotech firm’s exhibition area product uses a non-invasive technique for safely infusing heat into the body’s circulatory system.Avacen says its device relaxes muscles while increasing microcirculation throughout the body,And that unlike other local Fibromyalgia Pain Relief medical devices,

 the Avacen 100’s proprietary action mechanism provides widespread, systemic Fibromyalgia Pain Relief.CEO Thomas Muehlbauer described the device in a press release as “the only OTC [over-the-counter] medical device on the market nowadays able to supply non-invasive, rapid whole body treatment, use a single position of contact. It is the ideal drug-free and safe alternative for relief of muscle and joint and Fibromyalgia Pain Relief.”The device is not for sale in the United States, Canada, Europe or India for the treatment of any non-cleared or non-approved indication

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