Coping strategies With Fibromyalgia Hair Loss Every Women Need To Know

Remember It’s Not Forever:Hair loss from Fibromyalgia Hair Loss is only temporary. Your hair will grow back. And while it may still feel like too much to handle, it’s important to remember that your hair doesn’t define you – you have a lot of great qualities besides your hair. While your hair plays a huge role in how you feel about yourself, you need to be easy on yourself. Keep in mind that your body is going through a lot.

Experiment With Wigs: Fibromyalgia Hair Loss While you’re waiting for your natural locks to return, you can use synthetic or real hair pieces to cover the loss. Wigs are commonly used by fibro patients during periods of hair loss, and while you may not want to wear a wig, think of the great benefits that come along with this hair piece. A wig offers you with the ability to try out colors and styles you’ve never tried in the past. You can change your look in just seconds, and you can style away without worrying about damage to your hair. Source

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