Things Endometriosis Patients Should Know To Prevent Miscarriages


Prevent Miscarriages

Endometriosis Prevent Miscarriages , we couldn’t be more different, but for some reason, I strongly identify both with Lena Dunham and her Girls character, Hannah Horvath. I don’t live in New York, I’m way older, and I’m not a tenth as comfortable with my body as both Lena and her character seem to be.Here’s what women with endometriosis want you to know.

1. We aren’t faking it to get out of doing something fun. I know it can be annoying when we have to cancel our plans with you because we’re not feeling well. It may seem like it happens too often to be real, but the pain of endometriosis can be debilitating. We want to do fun things and hang out with you, but there are times when getting dressed seems like an impossible task.

 2. Endometriosis pain isn’t just really bad cramps. When you have endometriosis Prevent Miscarriages , it’s not just like having a bad period — it’s like having a bad period times a thousand. Everything is different. For me, the cramps are like someone shoving a hand up my vagina and squeezing.

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