Endometriosis, Female Infertility Treatment Patient Should Know


Endometriosis, Female Infertility Treatment

Endometriosis, Female Infertility Treatment: I recently went to Washington D.C. to work with RESOLVE, the National Female Infertility Endometriosis  Association, to participate in their annual Advocacy Day. I got to meet and speak with Female Infertility from all over the country that are currently struggling with this disease or have struggled with infertility in the past and are now done with their family building journey.

What astounded me most was that many of these women had been enduring years of unsuccessful Female Infertility Treatments with some of the top specialists in the country and yet the answer their doctors gave them for this misfortune was just “bad luck” or “unexplained egg quality” or “low ovarian reserve”. After speaking with these women for a few minutes, I was shocked to deduce that so many of them most likely had undiagnosed endometriosis. As our conversations unfolded, their eyes grew wide with recognition of all of their lifelong symptoms laid out in front of them. They had no idea these diverse symptoms could all be connected and related to one disease.

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