Endometriosis Cancer

Endometriosis Cancer has four stages or types. It can be any of the following:

  • minimal
  • mild
  • moderate
  • severe

Endometriosis Cancer Different factors determine the stage of the disorder. These factors can include the:

  • location
  • number
  • size
  • depth of the endometrial implants

Stage I: Minimal: In minimal Endometriosis Cancer , there are small lesions, or wounds, and shallow endometrial implants on your ovary. There may also be inflammation in or around your pelvic cavity.

Stage 2: Mild: Mild Endometriosis Cancer involves light lesions and shallow implants on an ovary and the pelvic lining.

Stage 3: Moderate; Moderate endometriosis involves deep implants on your ovary and pelvic lining. There can also be more lesions.

Stage 4: Severe: The most severe stage of Endometriosis Cancer involves deep implants on your pelvic lining and ovaries. There may also be lesions on your fallopian tubes and bowels.

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