Treatment For Endometriosis

Health care providers may suggest one of the hormone Treatment For Endometriosis described below to treat pain from endometriosis

  • Oral contraceptives, or birth control pills. These help make your period lighter, more regular, and shorter. Women prescribed contraceptives also report relief from pain.
    • In general, the therapy contains two hormones-estrogen and progestin, a progesterone-like hormone.
    • Women who can’t take estrogen because of cardiovascular disease or a high risk of blood clots can use progestin-only pills to reduce menstrual flow.
    • Typically, a woman takes the pill for 21 days and then takes sugar pills for 7 days to mimic the natural menstrual cycle. Some women take birth control pills continuously, without using the sugar pills that signal the body to go through menstruation.
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