Menopause Fat-free or reduced-fat foodsare bad newsfor postmenopausal women for a few reasons. One, they keep you from eating the healthy fatsyour body needsto combat heart disease, which postmenopausal women may be at increased risk of due to a combination of reduced estrogen, poor diet, and lack of exercise.

Two, with many fat-free foods, including salad dressingsand peanut butter, you’re gaining in sugar what you’re losing in fat   which isnot good for weight control, energy, and overall health.Menopause If you eat a healthy diet and take hefty calcium supplementsof more than 1,000 mg per day because you know bone density declinesafter menopause, you may be getting too much of a good thing, saysKennedy.Excessive calcium intake carrieshealth risksincluding kidney stones, constipation, and, a growing body of research suggests, heart disease.

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