Ovarian Cancers: Every year, around 1,000 women in Austria develop the extremely aggressive condition known as ovarian cancers. Around 75 per cent of these tumours arise from the fallopian tube. There are currently no options for detecting this condition early or preventing it. With the help of an innovative, “three-way” catheter developed by Paul Speiser from the University Department of Gynaecology at the MedUni Vienna and the Molecular Oncology working group, along with a new investigation concept associated with it, this situation may be different in the future. This is the hope from the first results of a study, which has now been published in the highly respected Journal of Clinical Oncology.

“Currently there are only two types of cancer in which the early detection methods of the American Prevention Task Force can be rated with an ‘A’ for ‘extremely’ targeted”, says Speiser, who is also a member of the Comprehensive Cancer Centre (CCC) at the MedUni Vienna and the Vienna General Hospital, “Namely cervical cancer and colorectal cancer. Our development could add a third type of cancer to this list”The recently published study showed that, when ovarian cancers was present, tumour cells were found in the irrigation fluid in 80 per cent of cases.

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