Bipolar Mood Disorders

Life is not just composed of rights and wrongs, and blacks and whites. There are a lot of greys, more than any of us admit. This also applies to our emotional state. Many of us like to depict moments in our life as either happy or sad but actually this is far from the truth. Except if you have bipolar disorder.Bipolar disorder, as the name suggests, is a brain disorder that causes unexplainable Bipolar Mood Disorders swings which are categorized as either manic or depressive Bipolar Mood Disorders. Many use the term depression too lightly these days, but if someone is diagnosed with Bipolar Mood Disorders and depression then this is no walk in the park. Many things they found enjoyable one day ago no longer interest them.

A manic state is the exact opposite. Someone in this condition is on top of the world during this phase. Nothing can ever harm them or best them. Or so they think. In this state a person’s intellect doubles, witty answers arrive by the dozen. It is like they are “high” for days, sometimes months. Yet the fear of returning to depression lingers. Bipolar Mood Disorders: As for what causes this Bipolar Mood Disorders , there is no definitive answer, but many doctors and scientists agree that it is genetic but environmental factors may also play a role.

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