Diagnosis Cervical Cancer

Diagnosis Cervical Cancer After I suffered a miscarriage and an ectopic pregnancy, which resulted in the loss of one of my fallopian tubes, my husband I were ecstatic to find out we were pregnant shortly after both ordeals (which were all within about four months of each other).At the nine-week mark of our pregnancy in November 2011, we went in for our routine appointment and to our amazement, were told we were having twins! We were in complete shock and beyond excited. Since both of us are only children, we knew we wanted more than one child. The pregnancy was going fabulously.

But at our routine 18-week anatomy scan, when we were told the sex of our babies, we also found out some scary news. The technician told us we were having boys. Again, were beyond excited… for a minute, if that.Within moments of telling us the sex, it felt like time stopped. A team of doctors came in and were examining me. It turned out I appeared to be in labor.What? I thought. No pain, no change, nothing! How could this be? I had what they call Diagnosis Cervical Cancer insufficiency. In layman’s terms, my cervix was open and not holding the babies in.

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