How To Cope With Depression During Menopause Every Woman Needs To Know


Estrogen and Serotonin: Adequate serotonin levels bring better sleep, a more positive outlook, relaxation, and a general sense of wellbeing. When hormones begin to fluctuate in perimenopause,Depression During Menopause emotions can become more unpredictable; by the time you enter menopause, your emotional health may already be at risk of collapse.When a woman’s estrogen levels rise, serotonin levels in the brain also rise. Likewise, when estrogen falls, so too does serotonin.

Since serotonin is such an important natural mood regulator, helping you stay calm and happy, it follows that too little could cause emotional problems.

The Domino Effect; Depression During Menopause A drop in estrogen and progesterone can set off a chain reaction of health issues: lack of hormones leads to sleep loss, hot flashes and mood swings, which combine to create a good deal of physical and emotional stress.

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