how do you start celebrating your Autism child’s life and achievements?

Here are a few ideas.

1. Do something new

Your Autism child is still young and can look forward to a lifetime of new experiences. Why not jump-start the beginning of those experiences today?Exploring new things can be a bonding opportunity between you and your child because it’s a step you’re taking into the unknown, together. Neither of you activity is something one, or both of you, will be good at or enjoy. Your Autism child may like it; you may not, or vice versa. The important aspect of doing something new is showing your Autism child that you’re willing to work beyond boundaries and comfort zones to embrace adventure and new experiences, even if it makes you look foolish or feel self-conscious.So, a trip to your local park to snowboard may be a bust. But, the memories you and your child will have may last a lifetime.

2. Plan a theme activity

Whether a rough and tumble sports event or a day of pampering is on tap depends mostly on your Autism child’s interests and abilities. A theme day can be as simple as having a movie night or a sports night once a week, or planning a spa day or a tea party on occasion.A theme day can revolve around any activity. It can revolve around a concept, like “Mexican food night” or “boy-band video night.” The event can be a one-on-one parent and child bonding effort or it can be an opportunity to join family or friends.Whatever your child is interested in, goes.

3. Make a special video

With the advent of technology, almost anyone can make a short computer-generated video for YouTube.Creating a YouTube or a picture collage on Instagram is the online equivalent of making a scrapbook. Gather your Autism child’s photos, from birth and onward, and compile them for the video. This should be easy because most people use digital cameras. Structure the video so it highlights your Autism child’s growth and achievements.By posting the video to a personal Facebook page, a private Instagram account, at YouTube channel, or in an email to family and friends can reinforce how amazing your child is to you.

4. Write special notes

Sometimes, a note on the inside of a lunchbox can be a colossal pick-me-up during a tough day. This is especially true if your Autism child is young; he or she will likely have many days that are frustrating or sensational. A well-written note that says something to the effect of, “You’re doing great today, and I love you” can make a child’s day.If a Autism child is going through the emotional ups and downs of tweenhood or teenhood, a note in a lunchbox may not even be possible. But, a well-intentioned email or text message that expresses support, especially if there has been tension at home, can make a difference—just don’t post it on their Facebook page.

5. Tell your child how you feel

It goes without saying that your son and daughter should know how you feel. In the rush of everyday life, however, this can be one aspect of your relationship that could be reinforced.Even if your Autism child tells you he or she knows how you feel, sneak in a few well-intentioned reminders every so often. Sneak up behind them and wrap your arms around their shoulders for a quick hug. Put a few Hershey kisses in their lunch with a Lifesaver candy. Or, once they’ve fallen asleep, tip-toe into their bedroom, brush their hair aside, and kiss their forehead goodnight. source


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