Pregnant Woman Delaying Brain Tumor Treatments Until Son Is Born


Brain Tumor Treatments

Brain Tumor Treatments An upstate New York woman is counting down the days to her expected delivery next month as she also delays treatment for life-threatening brain cancer.Kim Vaillancourt, 36, was diagnosed with a deadly form of brain cancer called glioblastoma when she was about halfway through her pregnancy, according to long-time friend and family spokesperson Jenna Koch.Brain Tumor Treatments The diagnosis came days after Vaillancourt, of Tonawanda, New York, and her husband adopted three girls into their family last December.

Her first symptoms were a headache that wouldn’t go away. Koch said because of her pregnancy, Vaillancourt decided to get the headache checked out.”If she wasn’t pregnant she would have slipped it off,” Koch told ABC News. “She’s not one to get it seen or treated.”A scan revealed the tumors on her Brain Tumor Treatments stem and front lobe. Doctors performed surgery within just 24 hours to remove two tumors, but Vaillancourt has decided to abstain from other treatment until her son is born.

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