Bipolar Disorder Treatments

Best Way Of Bipolar Disorder Treatments: A recent study conducted in Glen Oaks hospital in New York, showed that marijuana could have a beneficial effect on neurocognitive functions of patients with bipolar disorder. The study was performed on 200 BD patients, 50 of whom have been smoking Bipolar Disorder Treatments marijuana. All of them underwent tests that tested their neurocognitive functions (attention span, speed shifting, digits forward and backward tests and trails B test). The results were intriguing to say the least.

Marijuana Use Disorder:However, before we present you with the study’s conclusions, you have to bear in mind that the medical world is full of disorders, some being completely justified and others just being labeled as illnesses for the hell of it. In line with that practice, Best Way To Treat Bipolar Disorder: a frequent marijuana smoker ‘suffers’ from CUD Best Way Bipolar Disorder Treatments and is more likely to suffer from a history of psychosis than a person who doesn’t smoke.

At least, that’s what the research suggests. Simply put, a BD patient with CUD is only 14% more likely to have a history of psychosis than a BD patient who doesn’t smoke marijuana. It was concluded that BD patients with CUD had significantly better cognitive tests results than patients who didn’t ‘suffer’ from CUD. That fact alone will significantly motivate further medical marijuana related research because now we can move away from the ‘burnout’ dogma and focus on the actual health benefits of Marijuana.

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