One of the most frequent questions from patients who are considering Bariatric surgery or have already decided on having it done is on whether they will feel a lot pain after the procedure and how long will it last.The fear of suffering a lot of pain after Bariatric surgery, is such a common concern that we’ve decided to delve a little on the subject.

What are the causes after Bariatric surgery Pain?

There are different factors that determine the intensity of postoperative After Bariatric Surgery Pain.

1. Patient’s pain threshold

As mentioned previously, this varies from person to person.

2. Technique used by the bariatric surgeon

There are various ways and techniques around the world where there are instruments that require the use of larger incisions, some bariatric  surgeons perform this procedure on a single incision, it is known as “single port laparoscopic surgery” or “SILS” which theoretically reduces pain as only one incision is used, however in our opinion this is not so true because since it is a single incision it must be of several centimeters and manipulation of the incision is exaggerated.In any serious bariatric center, the Bariatric Surgery is performed laparoscopically, the number of incisions can range from one up to 7 small incisions that can range from 2 millimeters to 12 millimeters each and the technique used for your surgery will vary depending on the preference of your bariatric surgeon.

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