Fibromyalgia Causes

Women are far more likely than men to get Fibromyalgia Causes —a disease that causes pain and tender points throughout the body. Between 80 and 90 percent of people who are diagnosed with this condition are women, according to the National Institutes of Health. The reason for this gender inequality may have to do with hormones, immune system differences, or genes. But researchers still aren’t exactly sure why women get Fibromyalgia Causes in much greater numbers than men.

Fibromyalgia Pain

Fibromyalgia Causes a very specific kind of pain. Women often describe it as a dull ache that starts in the muscles. To be diagnosed with Fibromyalgia Causes , the pain must be on both sides of your body. And, it must affect both the upper and lower parts of your body. The pain may come and go. It can be worse on some days than on others, which can make it hard to plan for daily activities.

Main Fibromyalgia Causes In Women

Fibromyalgia Tender Points Fibromyalgia Causes: In addition to more widespread pain, causes fibromyalgia  tender points around the body. They’re called fibromyalgia  tender points because when you press on them, they hurt. There are 18 possible fibromyalgia  tender points. You may have pain in some or all of these places:

  • back of the head
  • area between the shoulders

Main Fibromyalgia Causes In Women

  • front of the neck
  • top of the chest
  • outside of the elbows
  • top and sides of the hips
  • insides of the knees


Fibromyalgia Causes:The pain from fibromyalgia can make it very hard to sleep. Conditions that often occur with Fibromyalgia Causes—such as restless legs syndrome and sleep apnea—can also keep you awake at night. A lack of sleep night after night can make you feel tired and cause you to have trouble concentrating during the day. In a vicious cycle, a lack of sleep can also make your pain worse.

Fibro Fog

Fibromyalgia Causes in Women may start to notice that they have trouble remembering and concentrating. They may mix up words when they speak, or get confused more easily than they used to. These thinking problems are sometimes called “fibro fog” because the mind feels foggy. Although doctors aren’t sure what’s behind “fibro fog,” it may be caused by a lack of sleep or by the effects of fibromyalgia pain on the brain.

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  1. lorraine robertson on

    I have suffered from fibromyalgia for 10 years now starting off with aching arms and neck ache treated by physiotherapist for 2 years didnt know what was wrong so was discharged, Doctor put me on amytryptilne for 3 years life was tiring but i carried on endless visits to pain managment which did nothing as i knew how to cope with fybro so discharged. Life got more difficult from then on legs were weak sleep got less mood changes coulnt be bothered doing anything energy levels so slow i just wanted to sleep. I was then put on new medication Pregablin and they are great pain lessed and i could do more for myself than relying on my husband. Then later appointments were missed as either too much pain or too tired to go. Then in 2014 i had flu really bad after that cleared up my pain was worse than ever. T cut a long story short and all other symptoms that i would be here all day if i wrote them christmas day passed i thought i did really well helping my husband all day make preperations for dinner by early evening i was exhausted and went to bed. On boxing day during the day my legs became weaker than ever before and by tea time i was taken into a/e as i had collapsed my legs just turned to jelly and that was that. My feet were on fire and felt like i had been burnt when touched the nurses and doctors did there examinations and said the symptoms were fibro related gave me morphine and sent me home. During the months to follow endless doctors appointments visit to hospital MRI scan nerve conduction test on legs and feet right leg worse than left. Then i saw neurologist he said i had no folic acid in my body now take tabs for rest of life. Vitamin D levels too low also on tabs for life,Recently i had 2 steroid injections one in groin and one in my buttock. The reaason for the one in my buttock was the fact i could not sit on left side and the one in my groin on right side was because i have a numb patch on my thigh which has to be covered with a pain patch every day as even material touches it i go mental I still can not feel my feet as they are still too numb If i sit for more than 10 minutes my legs go numb as well as you can imagine when your feet are numb and your legs are going numb its very hard to stand up. My husband has to help me onto my feet si i can use my tri-walker to get around, If i have an appointment at the hospital i have to go in the wheelchair on the bus and i hate it because it hurts, I have a mobility scooter so i can keep my independence to get out on my own otherwise i would crack up So thats my life living with the horrible condition i know what others feel and can sympathize with them One day there may be a cure lets hope that day comes to all soon cos ive had enough.

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