Then he explained why her Medicaid had to go: en you’re hell-bent on stripping people of their healthcare, things can get awkward. Take last night, for example. At a CNN debate on healthcare between ideological antitheses Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz, a woman with multiple sclerosis (MS) asked Cruz to promise her that she would not lose the Medicaid she depends on—and qualified for through Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion—when Republicans repeal the law.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS):Congratulations on having a debilitating chronic condition? “Congratulations on your struggles”? This is what a space alien would say. Regardless of why he considers suffering an inherent good (for other people, not him or his family—Cruz has gold-plated healthcare paid for by taxpayers), the Texas senator revealed one thing for sure: He has no realistic interest in relieving said suffering.

Cruz’s solution last night was some theoretical mechanism where rates for private insurance would magically be lower so all Medicaid recipients could afford it. He was similarly vague on how a Republican replacement for Obamacare—which has not been established or agreed upon in Congress—would cover pre-existing conditions:What pervades these answers is a lack of any specific remedy for the actual problems at hand. But more than that, these responses reflect a profound disinterest in the actual suffering of human beings, and an overwhelming preoccupation with money, ideological purity, and the continuing support of insurance companies in subsequent campaigns.Congratulations on your struggles, dear. I do believe further congratulations will be in order once we yank the insurance that helped save your life away from you.


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