Knowing exactly which types of Migraine Headache you have is essential to finding the most effective treatment.It’s a fact: 60% of women and 70% of men with Migraine Headache aren’t diagnosed properly. Getting an accurate diagnosis is critical for the right treatment. Some medications are actually dangerous to people who actually have Migraine with Aura, for example.According to the International Headache Society’s ICHD-3 classification system, there are seven types of Migraine. They’re classified by how doctors diagnose and treat them, not when or how we feel them.



The two major types of Migraine Headache are:

  1. Migraine Headache without Aura (formerly called Common Migraine Headache). This is the most frequent types of Migraine Headache. Symptoms include moderate to severe pulsating headache pain that occurs without warning and is usually felt on one side of the head It comes along with nausea, confusion, blurred vision, mood changes, fatigue, and increased sensitivity to light, sound, or smells. Attacks typically last 4-72 hours, and they repeat a few times a year to a few times a week (see Chronic Migraine Headache, below). Movement generally makes the attack worse. Importantly, this Migraine Headache without Aura is the types more prone to worsen with frequent use of symptomatic medication.
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