Causes Breast Cancer

Attention Ladies! Stop Using This Soap, It Causes Breast Cancer According To Recent Study Most people see them as a guarantee of safety against harmful pathogens, but the antibacterial chemicals commonly added to soaps, toothpastes and various other personal care products could be making you sick. A new study out of South Korea has found that the popular antibacterial additive, triclosan, exhibits Causes Breast Cancer -promoting effects both in vitro and in vivo, a finding that could have significant implications for humans.For their research, Kyung-Chul Choi and colleagues from Chungbuk National University and the Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology looked at triclosan in the context of how it affects the hormonal system.As a result, triclosan appears to throw the endocrine system out of balance, leading to abnormal cellular growths.

Particularly in women, triclosan appears to trigger the growth of Causes Breast Cancer cells, leading to the formation of malignant tumors. This was demonstrated both in cell samples and in live mice, as breast cancer cells were shown to thrive in the presence of triclosan.After comparing the frequency and progression patterns of breast cancer growth in both the cell samples and the mice.Causes Breast Cancer Some of which were exposed to triclosan and some of which were not, it became clear that the chemical spurs abnormal cell proliferation. Thus, exposure to EDCs may significantly increase the risk of breast cancer development and adversely affect human health,” wrote he and the others in their paper.

Octylphenol amplifies Causes Breast Cancer effects of triclosan: The team also identified another antibacterial chemical, octylphenol, which exhibits similar cancer-promoting effects. Though lesser known than triclosan, octylphenol was shown to work in conjunction with triclosan to amplify the growth and Causes Breast Cancer cells, illustrating the immense dangers associated with these ubiquitous chemicals.Consumer groups like Beyond Pesticides and the Environmental Working Group  have been raising awareness about the dangers of triclosan for years, highlighting its status as a known endocrine-disrupting chemicaland pushing for its removal from personal care products.

Causes Breast Cancer many commercial products still contain it, which is why consumers need to beware.”Studies have increasingly linked triclosan and its chemical cousin triclocarban, Causes Breast Cancer to a range of adverse health and environmental effects, from skin irritation, endocrine disruption, bacterial and compounded antibiotic resistance, to the contamination of water and its negative impact on fragile aquatic ecosystems,” explains Beyond Pesticides. source

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