Your Periods are Unusually Painful: Signs of Infertility Just so you know, you shouldn’t have to clear your calendar when your period’s coming because you know you’ll be in bed in agony. In fact, it may be a sign of endometriosis, says Dr. Uhler. And we’re not talking a little cramping here and there, but “enough pain that it affects your lifestyle.

Your Hands and Feet are Always Cold: If your extremities are constantly icy, the answer isn’t to wear gloves and fuzzy socks. Get your thyroid hormone levels checked ASAP. Cold feet and hands are one sign of hypothyroidism (or an underactive thyroid gland), says Dr. Uhler. That can lead to irregular ovulation and affect your menstrual cycle. A blood test will tell your doctor if your levels are normal. Other signs: constipation, forgetfulness, dry skin, and being unusually tired.

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