Polycystic Ovaries Treatment

You just found out you have Polycystic Ovaries Treatment (PCOS). Now what? The condition, which affects five million women in the US alone, can wreak havoc on your hormones and still doesn’t have a known cure. While many women successfully manage their symptoms solely with medication and hormone therapy, some prefer to supplement traditional treatments with more holistic remedies, while some opt for entirely natural alternatives.

“I always look at diet and lifestyle—how I can help patients modify their focus and remove obstacles that may be in their way on the path towards wellness,” says One Medical’s April Blake, ND. “As a Naturopathic Doctor, I prefer to utilize therapies that are gentle and less invasive, and focus on mind-body medicine and lifestyle. If you’re looking for alternatives to traditional treatments, there are several evidence-based therapeutics that have been shown to be effective.”

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