Pelvic Pain Treatment

1. Bearing Down

Pelvic Pain Treatment: Some women mistakenly bear down (push down) on their pelvic floor when doing their pelvic floor exercises. Bearing down through the pelvic floor can stretch and strain the pelvic floor tissues making make pelvic floor problems worse.

Correct Exercise Tips Lift inwards around all 3 pelvic openings as if stopping or slowing the flow of urine having once started.Practice sitting on a chair or exercise ball – try to lift your pelvic openings away from the supporting surface.

2. Forgetting to Lift

A common mistake is just squeezing around the pelvic openings with out lifting them inwards.

Correct Exercise Tip:Correct Pelvic Pain Treatment floor exercise technique involves lifting inwards and squeezing the pelvic floor muscles in and around all 3 pelvic openings at once.

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