Mental Health Treatment

One of the most common reasons for not seeking help is fear and shame because of Mental Health Treatment . People recognize the negative stigma and discrimination associated with having a Mental Health Treatment and don’t want to be labeled “mentally ill” or “crazy.” They may also have concerns about how such a label could negatively impact their career, education, or other life goals for having Mental Health Treatment .

2) Lack of insight 

If someone has clear signs of a Mental Health but says “there’s nothing wrong with me,” “I’m not sick,” or “I don’t need any help,” this signals a severe lack of insight. This is also known as anosognosia (uh-no-sog-NOH-zee-uh), seen in 50% or more of persons with schizophrenia or other severe Mental Health. If someone truly believes they aren’t sick, they feel no need to seek or accept treatment.

3) Limited awareness 

A person may acknowledge some mental health concerns but can lack full awareness of their significance or really don’t understand they have an actual illness. They may dismiss or minimize their issues and say “everyone gets stressed out” or “my problems aren’t that bad” or “you’re making more out of this than you need to.”

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