Kidney Transplant

When a person’s Kidney Transplant: no longer functions correctly, a kidney transplant may be needed. The surgical procedure removes the dysfunctional organ and replaces the impaired kidney with a donated one.The organ’s main function is to remove waste and excessive fluid from your blood. If your body is infiltrated by high levels of toxins, you can develop end-stage this disease or kidney failure.


Keep a Healthy Diet

  • Undercooked or rare meats, shellfish and fish
  • Unpasteurized cheese, yogurt or milk
  • Foods with raw eggs
  • When your new this is in full working order, you can follow a more varied but still healthy diet. Choose your
  • foods carefully to avoid diseases affecting your this like diabetes.
  • Whole grain rice, bread, and pasta
  • Five daily servings of vegetables and fruits
  • Healthy protein such as chicken, fish, eggs and beans
  • Dairy foods like milk and yogurt


Avoid Alcohol and Illegal Drugs

  • Alcohol consumption can lead to high blood pressure, a dangerous condition for people with a kidney transplant. Don’t drink more than 7 glasses of beer or wine per week. Avoid drinking large amount of alcohol over the course of 3 or more days.
  • Life after kidney transplant requires you to avoid illegal drugs. Use of these substances can cause a spike in blood pressure, affect the effectiveness of your medications and cause permanent this damage.
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