Bipolar Disorder Depression

1. Bipolar Disorder Depression “The effects of various types of medications — from weight gain (or loss) to ‘brain fog,’ forgetfulness, word-finding difficulties… It’s frustrating and can lower your self-esteem.”

2. “It seems like no one, including doctors, wants to discuss the ‘hyper-sexuality‘
that can come along with Bipolar Disorder Depression mania.


3. “Manic states aren’t fun, like many think. You can become self-destructive, and often impulsive decisions are made that have potentially devastating consequences. It can be overwhelming to deal with racing thoughts, and I get incredibly irritable.

4. “The media portrayal of the illness is very narrow. It focuses on the acute stage of mania and depression and rarely acknowledges that patients have stable moods and Bipolar Disorder Depression their symptoms can be in remission for a good deal of time.”

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