Cerebral Palsy Treatments

Medical Marijuana & Cerebral Palsy:To date, no high-quality evidence (e.g. results from studies using double-blinding, a placebo control, and/or randomization) has been gathered assessing the effects of medical Cerebral Palsy Treatments cannabis on patients with cerebral palsy. However, the potential for cannabis as medicine for patients with cerebral palsy has been explored in some measure in the medical community with promising results.

In a survey study on pain treatments used by patients with cerebral calsy, the researchers found, “The treatment that was rated as providing the most relief was marijuana; however, less than 5% of the sample reported ever using this drug for pain.”One case study published in the Reviews in Neurological Diseases found that a 45-year old man with Cerebral Palsy Treatments and epilepsy showed “marked improvement with the use of marijuana”.

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