Cause Of Epilepsy

Alden Bernate, 12, is only a middle school student, but he’s already played a big part in groundbreaking Cause Of Epilepsy research. He donated brain tissue for scientific research after he had surgery to disconnect part of his brain that was causing severe seizures.Alden has bright brown eyes that shine when he smiles. But that wasn’t always the case. When he started having seizures at 3.5 months old, the light in his eyes dimmed.

Alden was diagnosed with intractable Cause Of Epilepsy, a condition in which his seizures could not be controlled with treatment. Gabriela Bernate, his mom, said the seizures increased in frequency and intensity as he grew.“His seizures increased to about 50 a day and he needed hospitalization to try to control them,” she said. “He was in a constant fog and falling behind in physical, speech and language development. It was devastating.”

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