Brain Tumor Children

Brain Tumor Children are not smaller versions of adults.Their bodies and brains are still developing.  Their needs are different.  Their tumors are different, too.  The most common childhood brain tumors are not the same as the most common adult brain tumors. Though rare, Brain Tumor Children are the most common form of solid tumors among children under the age of 15 and represent about 20% of all childhood cancers.  Childhood tumors frequently appear in different locations and behave differently than brain tumors in adults.  Treatment options vary and can be strongly influenced by the age of the child. Brain Tumor Children may also have a much better prognosis than adults with a similar this section, you can learn more about the characteristics of brain and spine tumors as well as the most common forms of among Brain Tumor Children.

Understanding Tumors

There are different brain tumor types and classifications based upon a Brain Tumor Children cell structure, composition, rate of growth and other characteristics.  The name and classification of a tumor may change as more information is available or because the tumor has changed over time.Most pediatric brain and spine tumors are primary tumors, meaning they originated in the brain or spine.  Primary tumors are classified as “benign” or “malignant.” Both can be life-threatening.

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